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Hoje, 16:00

Hockey Youth League gift!

Ice Hockey is great and the Youth Leagues are great!

With the approaching winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the sound of thawing lakes in the south, your Club Chairman has gone Ice Crazy!

At a recent secret meeting of Ice Hockey Club Chairmen, so secret even D Brown hasn’t wrote about it, they agreed that they would donate 5,000 Youth League tickets to the 5,000 highest ranked Hockey teams in ManagerZone.

The rank will be checked (pun intended) 2015-01-15 11:00:00 CET and the top 5,000 Hockey Teams will receive a free Youth League ticket.

If you already play Hockey, great! If you don’t, now is the time to take a look and start a new team, order Youths as soon as you can and hit the ice!
Hoje, 09:00

Training Graph Delay

Your Players have worked hard and are benefiting from their completed training, alas your busy Club Secretary has not been able to update their Training Graphs as quickly as usual.

With a strong coffee in one hand and his trusty quill in the other, your Club Secretary is working as quickly as possible to complete the overnight graphs.

You can check the training in the lovely new Training Report screen that was updated last week.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to have the Training Graphs updated today.
Ontem, 15:00

Loyal Players in NTs and firing NT Players

The National Team Events are about to start and your National Coaches are continuing to scout for Players and to refine their tactics.

National Team Loyal Player limit
To keep National Teams in line with Club teams, we are limiting the amount of Loyal Players in National Team Squads. Each National Coach can pick up to 4 Loyal Players for the Football NT Squad and 6 Loyal Players for the Hockey NT Squad.

Firing National Team Players
Players are trained and salaries paid by their own Club, and are the responsibility of their Club Manager.

Managers are now able to FIRE National Team Players, or FIRE National Team Loyal Players if they wish.

If they are already part of the National Team squad when they are fired, they will remain in the squad and will be eligible to play for the National Team for the rest of that Season. When the Season ends they will retire from the National Team. This updated rule applies to Loyal Players and regular Players in the Senior National Team.

The National Team Cups start November 4th. Be sure to follow all the action in the Forums and in the arena!
2014-10-29, 18:00

Squad Page v2.4: Extended filters!

The Squad page continues to evolve and we have now released version 2.4. This release focuses on extended filters and we also added a new ‘Injuries/Suspensions’ tab (Football)!

Content Squad page 2.4

Extended filters

Club Members now have more ways to customize their Squad page! The extended filter includes:

- Attributes
- Injuries
- Suspensions
- Sharing skills
- Flags


A new modifier allows you to choose multiple Players to share/unshare to your fellow Managers.

Injuries/Suspensions tab (Football)

All active Managers have a busy schedule and your Club Secretary wanted to make it easier for you to see Injuries and Suspensions. He hopes that this will help you manage your Team and prevent unpleasant Walk Overs.

Multi select skiller

The skiller function has been improved to make it easier to select and display multiple Players in the forums. When clicking the ball/puck you will see a list of all Players that are shared in your Team. Simply highlight the Players you want to display and click ‘add’.

We hope you enjoy the new updates!
2014-10-29, 16:05

Internet security

It is vitally important to always protect your accounts and your computers.

We have received reports that versions of 3rd party addons used to connect to ManagerZone have viruses or other malware.

Please ensure you have up to date anti virus software.

Do not download software that you are not 100% sure is safe and never share your ManagerZone password or account with anyone!

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