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29-08-2015 16:34   |   Temporada 55, Rodada 14, Dia 47   |   Online: 4 941
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2015-08-24, 13:00

Earn up to €675,000 during the MZ Anniversary Tour

Our 14th anniversary is coming up, and we would like to kick off the celebrations by offering an Anniversary Tour for your Club!

Earn €600,000 OR €250,000 and 2 Loyal Players by organising an Anniversary Tour for your Football Club!

In addition to the generous support of your Chairman, your Head of Youth Development will be able to bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates below, and your Club Chairman will offer a bonus of €250,000, and your Head of Youth Development will be able bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club OR you can receive a bonus of €600,000!

To secure these funds, you must complete either (or both) of the Tours listed below between 1000 CEST, August 26th, 2015 and 1800 CEST, September 16th, 2015.


Compete and play in 2 or more different FRIENDLY LEAGUE competitions. One match in each different competition must be played during the Tour dates AND the Friendly League must have been created after August 22nd 1st 00.01 CEST.

Friendly Leagues joined through the Friendly League Pools are considered normal Friendly Leagues and are valid for Tour #1.


Play 28 FRIENDLIES (14 home and 14 away)

You can accept and book Friendly matches from the Matches >> Friendlies page. You can also invite teams to a Friendly match from their profile page.

Rolling LOYAL PLAYER limits

* If you took over your team after 2015-01-13 00:01, you can have up to 4 Loyal Players.

* If you took over your team before 2015-01-13 00:01, you can have up to 2 Loyal Players.

The Loyal Players will be Aged 22 and trained according to the existing Loyal Player setup, with no bias. Your Head of Youth Development will not hire a Goalkeeper, only outfield Players.

Loyal Players can be fired, but not sold.

If you already have too many Loyal Players in your Club when the bonus is delivered, you WILL NOT be able to receive these additional Loyal Players! You may choose to fire Loyal Players to make room for these if you wish.

Choose your reward!

Your Club Secretary is adding an option to allow you to state your individual preference for the Tour Bonus.

A bonus of €600,000 (this is the default if you do not make a selection)
A bonus of €250,000, and your Head of Youth Development will be able bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club

You will be able to state your preference on the Tour Progress page, when they are added later this week.


If you have an active Youth Academy with 16 or more Youths, on September 18th 2015 the board will contribute an additional €75,000 towards their education and upkeep. You must also complete one of the Tours to qualify for this bonus.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates above, and the rewards will be added to your Club balance on September 18th 2015. Now more than ever your commitment to the cause can push your team to the next level!

Crew's decision is final.

The reference English news can be found here.
2015-08-23, 10:00

Free Federation Cups!

Crew sponsored Federation Cups!

If you are a fan of Federations, then you will love this news.

We will sponsor the next U18, U21 or U23 Federations Cup. The President must choose the format and set some parameters (match days and times) and we will sort out everything else.

Be careful when choosing your settings, in case the Cup runs into more than one season!

Federations can be found under Community >> Federations

We are offering a free Partner Uxx Cup to each Federation with more than 16 members. Federations with less than 16 members at the time the Cup invites are sent will be invited to a single World Open Federation Cup. If you are in multiple Federations, you will receive an invite to each Federation Cup.

Presidents must decide the format by 19:00 CEST 26th of August.
Invites will be sent after 19:00 CEST 26th of August.
Invites must be accepted by 23:59 CEST 4th of September.
The Cups will begin on 7th of September.

Each Federation President is able to chose their own format, so please ensure your President updates the settings in the Federation Admin tool. Presidents have until 26th of August to decide the age format of their Federation Cup, otherwise we will use the default U18 format.

Last time we sponsored the Federation Cups the most common format was U18.

Invites will only be sent once the deadline for the format has passed. You must be part of the Federation when the invitation is sent, otherwise you will not be invited.

Federations with less than 16 members when the Cups are created will not receive their own Cup.
2015-08-21, 20:00

Two Kick Start Packages - available for all!

The Kick Start Package now has a little brother! Since the popular Kick Start Package was rebooted there has been a lot of excitement and nostalgia for the smaller version and your friendly Club Secreatary has now worked out a new Basic Kick Start package.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to boost your Team with all the benefits from the new Kick Start Package. The new Kick Start packages are available for everyone, and you find it under Club Membership.

You can only invest in one of the new Kick Start Packages, so choose carefully. If you have previously invested in the old package, that is fine, you are not excluded and you can support your team again with one of the new packages!

Note: This is a reminder news for the Kick Start 2 Package released in May 2015.
2015-08-14, 19:00

Will torro1 defend his World League title?

Torro1 made ManagerZone history when he captured the first ever World League Top series title with his Team, Digital Monsterz FC. But has he got what it takes to defend the title?

It is obvious that this was a great milestone in torro1's ManagerZone career, given the comments he has written in forum threads and message boards. He was both humbled and honored by all the Managers who congratulated him for his great achievement and admits that this was one of his goals when he found out about the World League.

But as we all know, the competition in the Top series is fierce and to win it twice in a row is extremely difficult.

In one month time we will know whether torro1 managed to make the impossible possible, but don't be surprised if he is one of the top contenders this World League Season as well.

Follow all the World League action here!
2015-08-12, 09:00

Last chance to join the new Season World League!

Teams all around the globe are preparing for the fourth Season of World League! The new World League Season starts next Monday (Aug 17th) and signups close this week on Thursday (Aug 13th), are you up for the challenge?

Start fresh!

There is just enough time to join the next Season of World League! Don’t miss out on the fun, fast and super competitive League!

You have until August 13 (23:59 CEST) to sign up for next Season's World League

It is the perfect place to find teams to compete with who are at a similar level to your own Club. Prove yourself as a Manager by joining The World League!

The signup page for the World League can be found under Matches >> World League >> Signup

Don't miss out!
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