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2014-09-17, 14:00

Anniversary Tour - Earn at least €450,000

Earn at least €450,000 by organising an Anniversary Tour for your Club!

13 - unlucky for some, but not for ManagerZone! This year we celebrate our 13th anniversary and look forward to many more!

Many Managers have become good friends or even good enemies whilst playing ManagerZone these last 13 years. During this Anniversary it is a great time to raise the profile of your club and perhaps start new rivalries or renew old acquaintances

Your Chairman wants to see how well your team has been developing and asks that you join the available tours.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates below, and your Club Chairman will offer a bonus of €450,000!

To secure these funds, you must complete either (or both) of the Tours listed below between 1000 CEST, August 31st, 2014 and 1800 CEST, September 24th, 2014.

Compete and play in 2 or more different FRIENDLY LEAGUE competitions. One match in each different competition must be played during the tour dates.

Friendly Leagues joined through the new Friendly League Pools are valid for Tour #1.

If you win a Friendly League during Tour #1, your Chairman will pay an additional one off victory bonus of €100,000 in recognition of your achievements!

Play 32 FRIENDLIES (16 home and 16 away)

If you win 32 of your Tour #2 Friendlies (16 home and 16 away), your Chairman will pay an additional one off victory bonus of €100,000 in recognition of your achievements! You must complete the Tour to qualify for this bonus.

If you have an active Youth Academy with 16 or more youths in football or 20 in hockey, on September 26th, 2014 the board will contribute an additional €75,000 towards their education and upkeep. You must also complete one of the Tours to qualify for this bonus.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates above, and the rewards will be added to your Club balance on September 26th, 2014. Only one victory bonus will be paid per team. Now more than ever your commitment to the cause can push your team to the next level!

Crew's decision is final.
The reference news can be found here.
2014-09-15, 12:00

Youth League Signups are open

The signup page for next Season's Youth Leagues is open. You can sign up for the U18, U21 and U23 Leagues!

1 ticket will allow entry to all 3 Youth Leagues, which makes them pretty awesome value.

The signup window closes at 2014-10-15 23:59:59 CEST, make sure you don't miss out!

Team Prize money is awarded for the Youth Leagues at the end of the season, based on your final position.
2014-09-12, 19:00

iPhone App V 1.5 is available now

Version 1.5 of the ManagerZone App is now in the iTunes App store.

(you will be redirected to your local iTunes store)

Supported languages.
It is now even easier to swtich between the supported languages English, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese) and we are looking to include even more languages very soon.

What can you see in Version 1.5 of the iPhone App?

Alternative tactics

You can now set alternative tactics directly in the App!

Tactical rules

A new tactic rules layout specifically for the iPhone makes rules easy to implement!

Match time line

A recent update on the web is now included for the App!

View matches at kick off

Away from your PC and eager to see how your team is playing? Matches can now be viewed 'live' at kick off time in the great 2D viewer.

Last 6 for League table

A popular feature on the web, recently added to Youth Leagues is now available in the App.


A large number of tweaks, improvements and bug fixes are included in V1.5 and we are already finalising V1.5.1 with even more tweaks and improvements, and then we be working on the next larger functionality release with V1.6

But do not wait for that build - download V1.5 now!

(you will be redirected to your local iTunes store)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the game by supporting ManagerZone and buying the App. Every cent we receive goes to improving the game, so thank you for your support.
2014-09-09, 18:00

Training 2.2: Deteriorations

It's been more than three Seasons since one of the Managers' worst nightmares was last seen. We are not talking about an unfortunate maxing, we are talking about Player deterioration!

The development of the new deterioration system is progressing well, and as with all changes that have a long term impact, we wanted to take the necessary time to asses how it affects teams and to ensure a fair balance. Therefore we have decided to move the planned release back by two Seasons, to the start of Season 54/46.

To remind everyone that the change is coming and update all Managers with the latest plans, we want to share a fresh update from the development team. Be sure to check the final news for any further tweaks, prior to the final release.

As Player's age, they generally slow down and lack the stamina of their younger peers, they do however retain their technical skills and we want to reflect this in ManagerZone.

At what age will deteriorations happen for Players?

The Players will start to deteriorate between the age of 28 and 30. This is calculated from their Birth Season and not their birthday, meaning the Players may start deteriorating the Season they will turn 28. Deteriorations will occur from Day 1 of the Season. If a Player does not deteriorate on that training day, then he is safe for the full Season ahead.

Affected attributes

A Player will deteriorate in Speed and Stamina (Football), or Quickness and Stamina (Hockey).

Length of the deterioration

There is no fixed length to a Player’s deterioration period, they will deteriorate until they reach their maximum deterioration, they retire, or they are fired.

Max deterioration

A Player can lose a maximum of 2 balls/pucks in each attribute affected by deterioration (a total of 4 balls/pucks).

Minimum attribute level

A Player will never deteriorate below 4 balls/pucks in the affected attribute. For example a Player with 5 Stamina would stop deteriorating in that attribute when he reaches 4 balls/pucks.

If a Player has not reached his maximum potential

If a Player has yet to reach their potential in Speed/Quickness or Stamina, then deterioration will lower their maximum potential instead.

For example, a Player with 7 pucks in Quickness with a maximum potential of 10 will not deteriorate and can continue to train until he reaches 8 pucks, which is now his new maximum potential.

This situation is expected to be rare, as the majority of Players will have been trained in Speed/Quickness and Stamina early in their careers and will have already realised their potential in these attributes.

How deteriorations will work

Between the age of 28 and 30 the Players will start to deteriorate in the affected attributes. The deterioration will start slowly, and will increase by every Season based on the Players age. This means Players who start to deteriorate at 28 will do so slower than Players starting at age 30. The deterioration rate will be at its peak when a Player turns 34.

Each training day one of the two affected attributes will deteriorate.

Important notice: Players with maxed out attributes who start deteriorating will quickly lose a ball/puck in both attributes. While this may look dramatic, please keep in mind that a Player who's just lost a ball/puck is still very close to his previous skill level and will have similar performance on the field/ice.

Help! What can I do to mitigate a Player’s deterioration?

Managers will be able to hire physiotherapists to mitigate the deterioration rate for their Players, but it is not possible to fully prevent the deterioration. The physiotherapist’s aid remains at the same level regardless of the Player’s age, meaning her impact (as a percentage of the deterioration) will be less for older Players.

There is no limitation for the number of physiotherapists you can hire to mitigate your Players deterioration and you will pay for their help on a daily basis (each training day, giving a total of 5 times per week). The cost is calculated based on the Player’s value, and the actual cost will be confirmed in later news.

What if I train the Player in a non-deteriorating attribute?

Moving a Player to another attribute on the Training Field, or completely removing him from the Training Field will not prevent deterioration. Only Players with help from a physiotherapist will have their deterioration mitigated.

It is however fully possible to use a physiotherapist and continue a Player's training in any of the other attributes. In that case you will see two entries in the daily Training Report, one for the deterioration and one for any improvement in the other skill trained.

What about Players aged over 28 when the new system is launched?

Players older than their regular deterioration start age will immediately start to deteriorate when the system is launched. Their deterioration speed will follow the same procedure as any other Player reaching their deterioration age (i.e a 35 year old Player will deteriorate faster than a 32 year old and so on). However we will not punish these Players retroactively, meaning they will not lose balls/pucks for deteriorations that they may have missed.

Football: Changes to Experience

One important goal with Training 2.x, including changes to the Training Speed, a new Coach and Deterioration system, is that we want Players to peak earlier than they did in the past. Besides all these exciting updates to Training, the last piece of this puzzle is to make changes to the attribute Experience in Football. Two important changes are planned;
  1. Players will gain more experience whilst competing in the Youth Leagues.
  2. All Players (Senior and Youth) will gain experience faster, so you should expect that all Players will reach their maximum value in this attribute earlier in their career. (All Players have the same maximum potential of 10 in Experience)

Our aim is to release this change in Season 52. This will give all Players time to gain experience before deteriorations begin again.

Comparison old and new deterioration system

AreaOld systemNew system
Starting ageAs early as 22-2328
Affected attributesAllSpeed/Quickness and Stamina
Maximum DeteriorationNo max, but very slow deterioration4 skill levels

Release Plan

Season 52: Changes to Experience in Football
Season 54/46: New deterioration system
2014-09-05, 10:00

Squad Page update

For those eager Managers who follow our Facebook page, this is no surprise! We are delighted to present a number of improvements to the Player Profile Page.

Our aim with this update was to make the Player Profile page easier to navigate and more accessible. This is a further step in our long term plan to give more information to our Managers.

Here is a breakdown of the Player Profile updates:

Mouse over to see the Player

We used this solution to make the page faster to load. Just mouse over a Player to make him appear in all his finery.

View tactics

You are now able to see all tactics the Player is included in. The tactics are clickable and will redirect you to the tactic page.

Training Graph, Sell a Player, release a Player and Training Camp now all open in a light box

The Player Profile page is an important part of ManagerZone. We want you to be able to see as much information as possible about your Players and to do that without needing to leave the Player Profile page. So instead of directing you to a new page every time you click on an icon, the information will now be available to you in a light box. This will make it faster to view and you do not have to jump between pages to access important information.

Filter Players

ManagerZone offers many new opportunities for teams to compete and this has led to larger squads to Manage. To make it easier to find your Players we have made it possible to filter the Players Profile page. You are also able to filter your opponents, but with less filtering options than for your own Team.

Link to Transfer Market

It is now easy to see which of your Players are put on the Transfer Market. The yellow text will redirect you to the Transfer Market. The text is visible everywhere, on your own team and all other teams you browse.

We hope that you will enjoy the updates as much as we do! Be sure to take a look at our Facebook page where you find a video highlighting the recent changes.
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