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2015-04-21, 15:00

Partial Skill Bar introduced

Over six Seasons have passed since the new Deterioration system was announced and now, we are one week into the return of deterioration. Some Managers had prepared their teams, and some are wondering how to adapt to the return of this management challenge.

Since the return of deterioration, your Head of Training has been working feverishly with your Club Secretary to provide even more information on the state of your Players. From today they are pleased to share their new Player Card, which contains information on partial Skill Balls and Pucks.

What is a Partial Ball or Puck?

Players have always benefited in Matches from each part of their skill, even though previously, only full Balls or Pucks have been displayed.

Players gain Balls and Pucks through Training, and since Training 2.0 they are gaining them at a much faster rate. The forums are full of mentions, some jealous and some with pride of 'monster' Players that have been trained, bought, sold and even rescued.

When Players train and improve in the skill they are training, each partial skill is aggregated and as they reach or pass a whole Ball or Puck your Head of Training and Club Secretary note that improvement and an additional Ball or Puck is displayed. Starting today you are able to view some additional information on Partial Skill Balls and Pucks.

A Partial Skill Ball or Puck is a visual representation of a fraction of a skill and is rounded down to the nearest quarter.

Every time a Player improves in a Skill, he will use the improvement in future matches, sadly the same goes when a Player deteriorates in a Skill.

Whilst not showing every level of detail, the partial skill display will help differentiate between the different levels within a whole Ball or Puck.

Where are the Partial Skill Bar displayed?

You can see the Partial Skill Bars under Squad → Player Profiles and on each Player’s 'Player Card'. The National Coaches are also able to see Partial Skill Bars when they are searching for Players. You are only able to see your own Partial Skill Bars. By hovering the Partial Skill Bars you will see a larger view of the bar. Your Club Secretary is also considering more areas to display the Partial Skill Bars which may be included in the future.

Has anything changed in the SIM, the Training or the deterioration?

Whilst we are continually working, designing, testing and planning improvements in the SIM, to avoid inaccurate speculation after the release of the Partial Skill Bars, it is helpful to confirm that no changes have been made to the live SIM, or Training in either sport.

2015-04-18, 12:00

Last days to join the Youth Leagues

Don't miss out on the last chance to sign up for the Youth Leagues! You must sign up for the U18, U21 and U23 Leagues before the signup window ends or else you will miss out!

1 ticket will allow entry to all 3 Youth Leagues, which makes them pretty awesome value.

The signup window closes at 2015-04-19 23:59:59 CEST, and you sign up by opting in here!

If you wish to compete, ensure you have your ticket and ensure you have signed up for the Youth Leagues you wish to participate in!
2015-04-17, 17:00

The World League starts on Monday

Congratulations to all you pioneers who joined the inaugural World League Season!

Everyone who has joined the World League in Football and Hockey Football will take part in the most competitive League ManagerZone has to offer. Find out everything about rivals, divisions Match Schedule and much more on your World League page. The race to Top Division starts now!

What is the World League?

This is a global League that brings the whole ManagerZone world together into one single contest. You will be able to compete in a Senior League exclusively against the best Clubs in the world.

Teams that play in the Senior World League will earn team money and experience. Whilst the team money earnt will be much less than for the Senior League, it will help active Managers to support the cost of training and developing their team.

World League match days

The World League is very different from the Senior and Youth Leagues. There are three World League Seasons per regular Season and matches are played every day. The first World League Match is on Monday, so make sure you have optimized your tactics by then.

You can get a feel for how strong your League rivals are by clicking the Scout Match icon next to the names in the League table.

Kick-off times will vary from Season to Season, to spread out the matches across the different time zones.

How long is a World League Season?

A World League Season will last around 30 days, which includes the match days, promotions/relegation and signup period. The World League Seasons will NOT cross the regular Season boundary.

Other information

Cost to join the World League:
1 World League Pass per World League season.
CM: 1 Pass costs 8PT
CM: 4 Passes cost 20PT
None CM: 1 Pass costs 12PT
None CM: 4 Passes cost 30PT

Influence on Form will be similar to the Youth Leagues: team form will not be punished by competing in the World League.

The World League is a separate competition so cards will not affect other competitions.

Not signed up for the World League?

Don’t worry! One of the great things about World League is that next Season is just around the corner. You may sign up for the next Season of the World League on Monday. Don’t miss out!
2015-04-16, 11:00

Last day to join World League

The signup for the First World Leagues closes tonight at midnight (CEST) so hurry in and sign up for the inaugural Season of the Senior World League!

The first World League Season will be named 54.1 in Football and 46.1 in Hockey. Three World League Seasons will run each regular Season.

The signup page for the World League can be found under Matches >> World League >> Signup

The World League will start with a Senior version and at a later date we will add an U18 World League.

The outline schedule looks like this:

WL SeasonLength of WL SeasonWL Season Break
Season 54.1 Football and Season 46.1 HockeyMatch days Season Day 7 - 28Mini Season break for 6 days.
Season 54.2 Football and Season 46.2 HockeyMatch days Season Day 35 - 56Mini Season break for 6 days.
Season 54.3 Football and Season 46.3 HockeyMatch days Season Day 63 - 84Mini Season break for 6 + 7 days as part of the regular Season Break

We may need to change the schedule and we'll release news as needed.
During the Mini Season Break promotion and relegation will occur, Trophies and Prizes awarded and the new schedule will be published.

If you participated in the World League Qualification Cup you will have received your World League Passes and you have been signed up for the inaugural Season of the World League!

If you are not in the Cup, you have until midnight (CEST) tonight (Thursday) to sign up for the World League!

2015-04-14, 18:00

Deteriorations are live

Player deterioration has been on hold for 6 Seasons and many Players and Managers have enjoyed and benefited from this unexpected bonus. But as time and tide waits for no man, the return of deteriorations is inevitable.

How deteriorations works

Between the age of 28 and 30 the Players will start to deteriorate in the affected attributes (Speed and Stamina in football and Quickness and Stamina in hockey). The deterioration will start slowly, and will increase by every Season based on the Player's age. This means Players who start to deteriorate at 28 will do so slower than Players starting at age 30. The deterioration rate will be at its peak when a Player turns 34. A Player can lose a maximum of 2 balls/pucks in each attribute affected by deterioration (a total of 4 balls/pucks).

Each training day, one of the two affected attributes will be picked at random and the Player will then deteriorate in that attribute if possible. If he's already at or below his new maximum level, he will not deteriorate at all that day.

Important notice: Players with maxed out attributes who start deteriorating will quickly lose a ball/puck in both attributes. While this may look dramatic, please keep in mind that a Player who's just lost a ball/puck is still very close to his previous skill level and will have similar performance on the field/ice. This is very important to understand and follow! A Player who maxes at a little over 9 balls/pucks may take a few days to lose that ball/puck, a Player who maxes at exactly 9 balls/pucks will lose that ball immediately.

The SIM recognize the partial skills and Players benefit from each part of the skill.

A couple of examples of deteriorating Players

Example 1:

We have determined that Ove’s max potential in Speed is 9, although he has only trained to somewhere between 6 and 7 balls. His skill is therefore more than a Player with exactly 6 balls, and less than a Player who has 7 or more balls in that skill.

We have determined that Ove’s max potential in Stamina is 8, and he is therefore maxed in this skill.

On the training day after deteriorations begin again, he deteriorates in Stamina. As he is almost at exactly 8 balls, he will probably lose this 8th Ball. That does not mean that he suddenly becomes the same as a Player with exactly 7 balls in stamina, he drops from 8 Balls but plays almost like a Player with 8 Balls in Stamina. As he deteriorates more, he will get closer to the skill of a 7 ball Player.

Ove will be able to continue to train Speed if he wishes. He can reach a maximum of 7 Speed balls, his new max potential lowered by 2 balls when deteriorations start.

When Ove has finished deteriorating, he will look like this (presuming that he hasn't trained Speed):

Example 2:

Torsten is maxed at 7 balls in Speed and 8 balls in Stamina. Within the first week of deterioration he is likely to lose 1 visual ball in Speed and 1 visual ball in Stamina. Again, this does not mean that he will be a lot worse than he was before he lost the skill balls. In practice he continues to benefit from the partial skills.

When Torsten is finished deteriorating, his Attributes will look like this:

During the deterioration period, you will be able to gain skill balls in attributes other than Speed and Stamina, meaning Torsten can gain in one skill and deteriorate in another. It will not help the Player if you try to train him in Speed or Stamina at this time. The only way to mitigate the deterioration is by hiring a Physio.

How long will it take for a Player to deteriorate?

Physios will not stop a Player from deteriorating, they will however slow it down. A Player will continue to deteriorate until he has reached maximum possible deterioration or retires.

How fast a Player deteriorate depends on each individual Player. All Players start to deteriorate at a slow pace and the older they become, the faster they deteriorate. Deterioration doesn’t happen overnight, it takes several seasons for a Player to deteriorate, regardless of whether you are using Physios or not.

Below are two tables, one with and one without a Physio.

With Physio:
Age deterioration begins Age deterioration is complete (approx.) Number of Seasons (approx.)
29357 or less
30356 or less

Without Physio:
Age deterioration begins Age deterioration is complete (approx.) Number of Seasons (approx.)
29335 or less

This varies from Player to Player but it will give you a general idea of how long deterioration takes to complete. In many cases, deterioration will not have finished before the Player retires. This can give older Players an opportunity to continue Playing competitively in the lower Leagues.
Please see our previous news about deterioration for more information.

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