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2014-11-21, 17:45

Confederations Cup enter Playoff Stages

The MZ Confederations Cup is one of the most prestigious national cups in ManagerZone, and was last won by Australia after a classic 5-0 victory over Uruguay. This year Australia lead by eric_the_eel, will enter the round of sixteen against one of the stronger outfits still present in the cup, Panama.

But the most interesting match-up in this first knockout round is undoubtedly that between the number 1 and 2 in the national ranking: Argentina and Brazil. The Brazilians went through in emphatic style after three easy wins and +14 in the goal column. Argentina also managed to win their group in spite of a draw against USA. It will be very interesting to see which of these titans will be knocked out already in the first playoff round.

We're also looking forward to the game between China (3) and Chile (27). This could be a tight game with Chile full of confidence after winning their group. If they win, two of the main favourites will be gone from the tournament already at this early stage. Finally we would also like to draw your attention to the match between Ecuador (19) and Uruguay (22), which should be an incredibly close affair between two of South Americas most promising countries.

Here are all the playoff games:
Peru vs Venezuela
Panama vs Australia
Chile vs China
Argentina vs Brazil
USA vs Costa Rica
Ecuador vs Uruguay
Colombia vs Honduras
Canada vs Lebanon

2014-11-20, 13:00

Squad Page v2.5: Save Filter

The Squad page continues to evolve and we have now released version 2.5. This release features, among other things, the possibility to save frequently used filters.

Content Squad page 2.5

Save filters

With the option to save filters you can quickly sort out the Players you want to view, without having to alter the settings every time. Everyone can save 1 filter and our Club Members can save up to 10!


Not only can you see in which Tactic your Player is playing, you can also see the position he is playing in that Tactic.

Filter by Position

It is now possible to filter players by position (Club Member Feature).

Skiller update

The Skiller now sums up all Skill balls/pucks, excluding Form (and Experience in Football).

We hope you enjoy the new updates!
2014-11-19, 13:00

Statistics Page updated

The Statistics Page has gotten a much needed face lift. Not only is the design improved, the page has also been updated with a bunch of new useful Statistics. It is now easier than ever before to follow your club's improvement and compare yourself to other clubs.

New Content in Statistics Page

– The new design makes it easier for you to get an overview of your Team development. You can go deeper into the numbers to see where you need to improve.
– You will also be able to view statistics for your U18, U21 and U23 teams.
– You are now able to track your Team performance all the way back to Season 37 (Football) and Season 29 (Hockey). - Club Member Feature
– The new Team Form Graph is larger than the previous Version and goes back 20 weeks in time

Financial Health

The Financial Health gives you an indicator of how well you and your rivals are managing your respective Team's Finances. Financial Health is graded from A+ (excellent) to F (horrible). The Financial Health looks back 3 weeks in time and does not include Transfers.
2014-11-17, 20:00

Youth League Signups are open

The signup page for next Season's Youth Leagues is open. You can sign up for the U18, U21 and U23 Leagues!

1 ticket will allow entry to all 3 Youth Leagues, which makes them pretty awesome value.

The signup window closes at 2015-01-14 23:59:59 CET, make sure you don't miss out!

Team Prize money is awarded for the Youth Leagues at the end of the season, based on your final position.
2014-11-14, 20:00

Earn up to €700,000 during the Loyal Player Tour

Earn €250,000 and 2 Loyal Players OR €600,000 by organising a Loyal Player Tour for your Club!

Your Chairman and Head of Youth Development have been working hard to build relations with local teams to establish feeder clubs to develop Loyal Players for your Club. These plans are now coming to fruition!

Your Chairman asks that you further raise the profile of your Club by organising a Loyal Player Tour in order to attract more interest from feeder clubs.

In addition to the generous support of your Chairman, your Head of Youth Development will be able to bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates below, and your Club Chairman will offer a bonus of €250,000, and your Head of Youth Development will be able bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club OR you can receive a bonus of €600,000!

To secure these funds, you must complete either (or both) of the Tours listed below between 1000 CET, November 16th, 2014 and 1800 CET, December 10th, 2014.


Compete and play in 2 or more different FRIENDLY LEAGUE competitions. One match in each different competition must be played during the Tour dates AND the Friendly League must have been created after November 12th 00.01 CEST.

Friendly Leagues joined through the new Friendly League Pools are considered normal Friendly Leagues and are valid for Tour #1.


Play 30 FRIENDLIES (15 home and 15 away)


* If you took over your team after the start of Season 47 (2013-07-16 or later), you can have up to 4 Loyal Players.

* If you took over your team before the start of Season 47, you can have up to 2 Loyal Players.

The Loyal Players will be Aged 22 (Birth Season 30) and trained according to the existing Loyal Player setup, with no bias. Your Head of Youth Development will not hire a Goalkeeper, only outfield Players.

Loyal Players can be fired, but not sold.

If you already have too many Loyal Players in your Club when the bonus is delivered, you WILL NOT be able to receive these additional Loyal Players! You may choose to fire Loyal Players to make room for these if you wish.

Choose your reward!

Your Club Secretary is adding an option to allow you to state your individual preference for the Tour Bonus.

A bonus of €250,000, and your Head of Youth Development will be able bring up to two Loyal Players to your Club


A bonus of €600,000

You will be able to state your preference on the Tour Progress page, when they are added later next week.


If you have an active Youth Academy with 16 or more Youths on December 11th, 2014 the board will contribute an additional €100,000 towards their education and upkeep. You must also complete one of the Tours to qualify for this bonus.

Successfully complete either of the Tours between the dates above, and the rewards will be added to your Club balance on December 11th, 2014. Now more than ever your commitment to the cause can push your team to the next level!

Crew's decision is final.
The reference English news can be found here.
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