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Youth League Anniversaries

“"“"How times flies when we are having fun!

The Youth Leagues have passed a great milestone, with the U18 and now the U21 Leagues both reaching (and passing) their 10th Season Anniversaries!

The Youth Leagues are one of the most requested updates and we are really happy that they are enjoyed by so many Managers.

When the U23 League reaches it's 10th Anniversary, we will invite all the active Youth Leagues participants to U18, U21 and U23 Youth League Anniversary Cups. We will also extend an invite to all of the founding Members for each of the Youth Leagues as well!


Look out for the invites and be sure to accept!

2014-12-12, 14:00

Notifications 1.9 - transfers and more

Your loyal Club Secretary has been visiting his league colleagues and they have agreed to share more information about the transfer activities in your League, as well as other helpful information about your Club.

Watched Players

Your Club Secretary will notify you if either a Player is transfer listed by a team in your Senior League, or if a Player in your shortlist is transfer listed.

Players and Staff

Your Club Secretary will notify you about the retirement and contract status of your Players and Staff.

Your Club Secretary will be happy to follow your instructions if you wish to opt in or out of these notifications. Let him know via the Office >> Notification Settings page.
2014-12-11, 13:00

Loyal Player Tour Payout!

Thank you to those who partook in the Loyal Player Tour!

Your Club Chairman is delighted at the great response from the Loyal Player Tour!

The Bonus cheques are signed and the teams who matched the criteria have received their Team money and/or Loyal Players from the Loyal Player Tour.

As ever, your Chairman urges you to invest the money wisely!
2014-12-09, 17:00

Reminder: Hockey Youth League Ticket giveaway!

Most modern sports clubs specialize in more than just one sport. It's a great way to diversify ones business: if one of your teams hit a temporary rut, the other may flourish.

With MZ Hockey being a younger game, there's a smaller number of active Hockey teams around, presenting an excellent chance for a shrewd manager to become a dominant force. As a Football club manager, if you haven't yet expanded into Ice Hockey this is something you may want to look into. Your Club Chairman, always looking at new and exciting possibilities, is skittishly excited about the idea, but ultimately the decision is yours.

If you want to give it a go, now is an excellent opportunity to set up your Hockey team and youth academy. We'll hand out a free Youth League Ticket to all managers inside the top 5000 of the global ranking on 2015-01-15 11:00:00 CET.

2014-12-05, 16:00

ManagerZone Facebook page hit 30 000 likes!

Our Facebook page is thriving - we've just hit a major milestone of 30 000 likes!

As an increasing amount of Managers are finding out, it's a great place to get fresh and intriguing news about the game. With plenty of daily messages, our fans get access to a wide range of MZ-related topics: match reviews, community reports, tournament round-ups and lots more... all mixed with previews from our projects in development!

Using the comments section on our Facebook page is a great way share your ManagerZone passion with other managers (and us), so please don't be shy. Let us know what's on your mind, whether it is constructive feedback or you've just stumbled upon your best Youth player in ages.

Visit our Facebook page!
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